Winter Comes Early

by evilbrennan

A Delta Green Scenario of quick thinking and conspiracy with dire

One of Delta Greens newer recruits just died. Before she went the way of the dodo, Agent Oona suffered a nervous breakdown and recruited a friendly without alerting her partner Agent Otto or Cell A and told him whole assortments of falsehoods along with actual truths. She became nearly entirely dependant on him and even put him down as her sole benefactor even though she owns practically nothing. She even taught him a spell just in case he became ‘involved’.

Nigel Masada doesn't know how Oona died, but he knows that she is dead. She told him that she had something to take care of downtown and left. He woke up to a call from the mortician calling him down to identify her body the day after. Nigel thought he was doing the right thing when he ran through the streets to try and avenge her with his licensed 9mm pistol. When ordered to the ground at gunpoint by two arresting officers, he told them that he was with the F.B.I. and had a higher clearance than pretty much everyone.

Arrested for impersonating a police officer and brandishing a weapon because they didn't really know what else to charge him with, Nigel ended up in a holding cell until they could figure out exactly what he was talking about. Nigel thinks that mentioning his ‘Delta Green’ clearance should have gotten him off the hook and back on the streets within minutes, but when blabbing to the cops about all sorts of interesting things he realized that something else would have to be done.

He made a request to talk to the F.B.I. in person and the police figured that it's worth a try and called Washington. It doesn't take long for MJ-12 to dispatch Agent Gelid and his team to bring back Nigel and interrogate him for all he knows. Luckily for Nigel, no one at the precinct knows what Delta Green is and one officer absently stuck it in a search engine to see what they could come up with. From their searching, Cell A gets a call and dispatches agents to figure out what exactly is going on.

The Agents happen to be in the city where Nigel is being held so they need to figure out how to spring Nigel before MJ-12 shows up. The only problem is that they don't know Gelid is on his way at all until they speak with the police chief who called Washington and she's received instructions from Gelid to not release Nigel to anyone else regardless of if they're officers of the law or not.


Nigel has blabbed to the station in an effort to get them to help him bring the people who killed Oona to justice. He is being kept in the interrogation room in the center of the station and is
constantly monitored by at least two officers through a one way mirror. The supervising officers will leave if requested by a higher authority including the PC's if they can produce identification. Nigel cannot be moved from the station without alerting at least half the police present without the consent of the commissioner.

Damage control has to be done to minimize the impact of potentially dangerous knowledge in the hands of the police department. Currently most of them think that Nigel is mostly just a madman, but if he's put under enough scrutiny and pressure, he'll cast the spell that Oona taught him for self-defense to prove to them that he's telling the truth. This, of course, will cause a mass panic inside the department as armed officers of the law fail sanity checks left and right.

Additionally, MJ12 will be doing a clean sweep of the police office and the pc's should cover their tracks as much as possible. Sloppy investigators will end up being hounded by the rival organization for their possible Delta Green connection. A future trip to the Outlook project may be in their future if they are not careful.

What Nigel knows:

Nigel knows that there is more out there then what they are telling us and there is an agency out there called Delta Green who works at keeping the darkness at bay. Delta Green status means that you have a license to kill as long as you carry your badge on you and declare that you're with the government. In fact, you can pretty much do whatever you want as long as you tell everyone involved that you're with Delta Green. Not only does he view the average agent's life like a James Bond movie, he's also ready to make the words, "Delta Green" a household term whenever he gets caught for a misdemeanor and tries to pull his non-existent rank. He also knows that Agent Oona was involved in an investigation involving some cult that centered on a local park which is where he was on his way to with his pistol to help out.

Keepers can use this adventure to springboard into some actual supernatural events of their own devising. Nigel also knows the spell control skin and will use it to prove the existence of the Mythos if he in under enough pressure from the investigators or police alike. MJ12's appearance will defiantly trigger his spell casting. He will push his fingers through his own skin regardless of
the pain and hope that the officers see everything and start questioning the reality they have come to know.


Astute Pc's can spring Nigel without even talking to him if they tread lightly. With the flash of a F.B.I badge and a good fast-talk roll to convince the police chief that they are arriving in the stead of Agent Gelid to transport Nigel to a different location, he's a free man to do with whatever the PC's want.

If pc's screw things up enough to alert the police that something is going on or that Nigel is worth holding onto, they'll tighten security up and make it a living hell to get to Nigel at all. He can be killed, but then the pc's lose the link to whatever he knows along with any ties to investigating Agent Oona and have to explain his death to the police Chief.

The Pc's have to keep Nigel calm so that he doesn't cast control skin and alert the officers of the truth of the mythos. Even just being told, "I believe you" in a convincing manner is enough, but there are cops listening to what happens in the interrogation room.

Agent Oona:

Diana Natsuko had no real friends after being introduced to Delta Green or even before it. After a good few operas, the sanity crushing aspects of the mythos were too much for her and she lost
control of her emotions and sought someone out in a bar. She found Nigel. He was hoping to get laid, but ended up being shown some reality non-conformist creatures on a digital recording she had in her desperate bid at having a companion to help her through her solitary position. He ate up whatever she told him after she showed him her findings and vowed to help her as much as he could. She knew that she shouldn't tell him much of anything, but couldn't help revealing some
amounts of truth in her more desperate moments. She told him the stuff that made her sound like a hero in service of the government.

Her and her partner Agent Otto both disappeared investigating mythos activity in the park and only her body has surfaced so far. Their deaths have not yet been reported to Delta Green although they have missed checking in after their opera in the park.

Maxine Pascal:

As the chief of police of district 7, Maxine no longer has to prove herself to her fellow workers, but that doesn't mean she's stopped trying to prove herself to herself. She continually
pushes herself to be better than she was yesterday and punishes herself for her mistakes regularly. She's fit, sharp, and more than capable of keeping tabs on her entire force.


Agent Gelid is no newcomer to the mythos game. He and his six man team will show up whenever the keeper wants them to. If the investigators seem to be home free and the Keeper wishes a greater challenge, have them walk in as soon as the pc's are trying to leave.

For a harder scenario, have them already there. If they are having trouble springing Nigel, omit them. His only aim is to bring in Nigel and extract whatever information he can from him by any means necessary. When Nigel proves that he knows next to nothing, Gelid will arm him with all sorts of disinformation and release him back onto the streets. Then he and his squad will watch him closely and wait for Delta Green to pick him up and they will ambush whoever the poor bastards are. Maybe they'll know something.

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