With Friends Like These


When Delta Green agents must retrieve the contents of a Green Box in Juneau, AK, a former DG friendly mistakes the agents for an unknown enemy and follows standing orders to protect the conspiracy’s secrets with his life.



This scenario is intended to be connected to the shotgun scenario “Dreams of a Memory”, which was submitted in 2011. However, this scenario is also intended to easily fit into other investigations by adapting the location and vital contents of Green Box #302 to suit your operation’s needs.



Green Box #302 is a self-storage unit located in a storage facility in Juneau, Alaska. It is registered under the name “Alan W. Crawford.” The agents don’t have a fake ID under that name. Without it, the agents will need to either bribe the clerk on duty with a successful Persuade check, start flashing their own badges and ID to bully the clerk into giving them access to the locker (with an optional Law check), or covertly break into the storage facility and find the right storage unit.

Aside from the file containing the after-action report of Operation BLACK SAND, the contents of Green Box #302 are largely unimportant. The Handler is highly encouraged to use the storage unit to introduce other bizarre tomes and/or artifacts that catch their fancy.

However, the moment the agents open Green Box #302, a silent automated security system inside the unit alerts the ex-friendly of the intrusion via text. A successful Search check looking for traps or signs of recent entry allows the agents to spot the noiseless motion sensor that has been fixed near the bottom of the roll up door, but by then it is too late. The ex-friendly gets the message and quickly makes an excuse to leave his job or comfortable home to begin his final mission - to prevent an unknown enemy from uncovering the secrets of Delta Green.



The ex-friendly in Juneau, AK, is WILLIAM J. SORENSEN, 68 YOA. Sorensen is a detective who still works for JPD despite being of retirement age. He lives with his wife of over 30 years, and they have a son and a daughter with lives of their own. He is outgoing and friendly to his peers and neighbors, especially the other older officers on the force.
He is also a Delta Green friendly, although due to circumstances out of his control he has not heard from the conspiracy in well over three decades.

Like many Delta Green friendlies, Sorensen was only given the most basic understanding of the conspiracy. He has had some (fairly limited) exposure to the unnatural that brought him into the conspiracy in 1971, but no other firsthand encounters since. His knowledge of what “the group” is begins and ends with the understanding that a “highly classified ‘special affairs agency’” exists in secret within the federal government; he does not recognize the callsign “Delta Green” or automatically understand any reference to “the Program.”

Sorensen’s last point of contact with the conspiracy was during the cleanup of Operation BLACK SAND in 1974. He was given a Delta Green agents’ phone number to use in case of an emergency and was impressed with standing orders to protect the contents of Green Box #302 with his life, with the promise that he would be informed if “the group” needed to access those contents. This promise will not be fulfilled - due to a bureaucratic error that happened sometime during the restructuring of Delta Green, Sorensen’s contact information slipped through the cracks and was lost by the conspiracy years ago. Additionally, he will soon find that the emergency phone number he was given is out of service. Unbeknownst to him, the number was disconnected after the agent who gave it to him died in action a few years after the cleanup. Acting on limited information save for the supposed gravity of what could happen if those contents got out, Sorensen decides to sacrifice himself for the greater good and protect the secrets of the conspiracy by any means necessary.



Sorensen arrives at the storage facility where the Green Box is kept less than two hours after the agents leave. Using a fake ID in Crawford’s name, he quickly convinces the clerk on duty that he is the rightful owner of the unit and its contents. He then checks the contents of the Green Box, interviews the clerk, and reviews the footage on the facility’s security cameras to learn what he can about the enemy.

Even if the agents were careful to obscure their activity, Sorensen will know what the agents took from the Green Box. He is also given a physical description of the agents by the clerk. Additionally, he can identify the make, model, and license plate of the vehicle the agents were driving, as well as approximately where it was headed after the theft, all by reviewing the facility’s security camera footage. If the agents provided the storage facility employees with a fake ID and/or badge (or worse, a real one), Sorensen can also get the agents’ names.

Once Sorensen has gotten all the information he can, he leaves the facility and makes a call to a traffic operator working with JPD. He gives the operator a description of the agents’ car and asks them to check traffic cameras for vehicles matching that description along the route the agents would most likely have taken after the theft. At the same time, Sorensen reaches out to local patrol officers to keep an eye out for the agents’ vehicle under the pretense of needing them for “questioning regarding an official investigation.”

If the agents drive anywhere in Juneau about four hours after retrieving the BLACK SAND files, observant (or paranoid) agents may notice patrol cars tailing them. Even if the agents aren’t specifically looking for pursuers, agents with an Alertness of 40%+ may also pick up on the police cruisers that seem to be shadowing them.

Through these methods, Sorensen is able to follow the agents to the motel/hotel where they are temporarily staying. From there, he begins his impromptu stakeout and preparations to take back the files with deadly force.



The goal of Sorensen’s impromptu stakeout is to very quickly gather information so he can make a move to recover the BLACK SAND files. Sorensen rents the room next to the agents’ and places a wire “borrowed” from JPD in the vents connecting his room to theirs. He learns additional basic information about the agents, such as how many there are, when they plan to leave Juneau, what their schedules are like, etc.

Assuming nothing forces his hand (such as hearing that the agents are leaving Juneau earlier, or if the agents discover the wire), Sorensen intends to break into the agents’ room the next evening and take the files back by force. That night, Sorensen goes out to the parking lot and lets the air out of the agents’ tires to prevent them from escaping in their vehicle. Then he dons his JPD uniform over a Kevlar vest, takes his weapons, and knocks on the agents’ door, announcing himself as local police with a search warrant. He will address the agents by their (possibly fake) names if he knows them. If the agents look through the peephole, it is plainly obvious that the officer is holding a shotgun; not aimed at the door but clearly here on serious business. A successful Alertness check spots the Kevlar vest under his uniform. A successful Law check suggests this is very strange - why would an officer be dispatched and arrive armed with a shotgun but not be accompanied by backup?

If the agents open the door, Sorensen shoots the first agent at point-blank range and moves into the room to engage with any other agents inside. If the agents refuse to open the door, Sorensen unloads a shell into the center of the door and then shoots out the hinges to force his way in. He does not disengage until the agents are all dead.



Assuming that the agents survive, they will need to quickly find somewhere else to stay before the killing of a police detective (even if done in self-defense) brings the full investigative force of JPD down on their heads. Sometime later, the agents may catch a news report that will give their attacker a name. Agents who ask A-Cell about Sorensen’s background for an explanation of the attack may eventually unearth the truth - the man they killed was an ex-Delta Green friendly who died over something as trivial as a bureaucratic error.

Should Sorensen somehow kill all of the agents, he finds the BLACK SAND files within a few minutes of searching the agents’ mostly empty hotel room and escapes into the night. Where he flees to and where he attempts to hide the files are up to the Handler’s discretion.



Former friendly left out in the cold.
STR 12 CON 13 DEX 10 INT 14 POW 10 CHA 13
ARMOR: 3 points from a Kevlar vest.
SKILLS: Alertness 50%, Criminology 40%, Drive 30%, Firearms 50%, HUMINT 50%, Law 30%, Melee Weapons 40%, Persuade 50%, Search 40%, Unarmed Combat 40%
ATTACKS: Remington Model 870 (including bonus for firing with shot at close/base range) 70%, damage 2D8 at close/base range. The target’s Armor rating is doubled against this attack.
Beretta 92FS 50%, damage 1D10
Unarmed 50%, damage 1D4-1


This was an entry to the 2021 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Juno

The scenario can be seen in its original google docs form here

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