Wives of March

Three former spouses of MAJESTIC personnel have discovered the source of their misery: Delta Green. These “Wives of March” are now taking vengeance on the secret conspiracy that took away their husbands and destroyed their lives.

A Delta Green scenario for three players


Your husbands were good men, who protected America from extraterrestrial threats, and terrorists took them away from you. With nothing to lose, and some advanced technology at your disposal, you’re going to make Delta Green pay for what they’ve done to you.

[Give each player one of these characters]


STR 12, CON 13, DEX 11, INT 12, POW 13, CHA 11
HP 13, WP 13, SAN 52, BP 39, Totemic Compulsion (ICEPICK)
SKILLS: Alertness 50%, Athletics 50%, Computer Science 60%, Craft Locksmith 40%, Criminology 60%, Disguise 50%, Dodge 40%, Drive 50%, Firearms 40%, Law 40%, Melee Weapons 40%, Persuade 50%, Search 40%, SIGINT 40%, Stealth 70%, Unarmed Combat 50%
ATTACKS: .32 Pocket Gun (40%, D8)
Knife (40%, D6, 3 AP
BONDS: Frank Mohler (Ex-Husband) 11
Mallory “Mal” Bennion 11
Arina Scheherazade 11
MOTIVATIONS: Get Frank out of prison
Get access to the secret bank accounts
Revenge on Delta Green is a means to an end
ICEPICK: An IBM 8MB flash drive on a keyring. When connected to a computer with an internet connection, appears as a simple input screen which can be asked questions in plain English to gain a response. The waiting time for a reply is wildly variable, but it doesn't have to be plugged in to continue the search.
HARD LUCK: You're broke, treat every Incident Expense as a Standard Expense.

Your ex-husband Frank Mohler worked for an outfit called AQUARIUS in Majestic-12. He kept passwords to secret bank accounts, but he won’t give you them until he gets out of maximum security Federal prison. Your true motivation is to exonerate him so you can get the money. Your story about getting revenge on Delta Green is a sham to get the other women on-board.

The ICEPICK flash drive contains a search engine that answers inquiries in plain English it shows a frighteningly powerful ability to root out online information if it’s plugged into any device with internet access. You are terrified it could be traced.

You used ICEPICK to find a suppressed document that showed Mal’s husband was poisoned with thallium.

You believe Majestic-12 was made a political sacrifice following the failure of the extraterrestrials to prevent 9/11, and that Delta Green is a terrorist organization linked to George Soros and the traitorous Democratic Party.


STR 11, CON 12, DEX 12, INT 13, POW 12, CHA 12
HP 12, WP 13, SAN 48, BP 36, Iophobia (Fear of Poison)
SKILLS: Accounting 50%, Alertness 60%, Anthropology 40%, Athletics 50%, Bureaucracy 70%, Dodge 70%, First Aid 50%, History 50%, HUMINT 60%, Law 40%, Medicine 40%, Persuade 60%, Pharmacy 40%, Psychotherapy 50%, Search 40%
ATTACKS: Neural Whip (60%, Stun, see NEURAL WHIP)
BONDS: Dr Paul Bennion 12
Donna Ramirez 12
Arina Scheherazade 12
MOTIVATIONS: I am committed to this
Delta Green will pay for killing poor sweet Paul
I don’t really want to hurt anyone
NEURAL WHIP: Housed in a plastic container that looks like a TV remote, the neural whip shoots chittering blasts of green and white energy. You have identified two settings: Pain (which costs nothing), and Incapacitate (stuns for 30-60 seconds, 0/1D6 from Helplessness). You suspect there is also a Kill setting, if not worse. You also suspect the whip is alive, or responds to your thoughts - certainly, it seems to aim itself.
WELL TAKEN CARE OF: You're rich, treat every expense as one rank lower than usual.

Your husband, Dr Paul Bennion, worked for an outfit called PLATO in Majestic-12. When he died, you were told it was food poisoning from bad oysters. Donna showed you a document proving he’d been poisoned with thallium. Thanks to Donna, you now have a chance to get revenge on the perpetrators.

Your ‘neural whip’ lives in a little plastic box resembling a TV remote that you can wave at attackers to disable them. Paul told you to treat it like a taser. From experience, you know that it can both inflict pain and incapacitate, depending on your intentions.

You believe Majestic-12 is laying low in the private sector, and Delta Green is a terrorist organization supported by xenophobic Christian fundamentalist groups.


STR 13, CON 11, DEX 13, INT 11, POW 11, CHA 13
HP 12, WP 11, SAN 44, BP 33, Addiction (“Ron” Parasite)
SKILLS: Accounting 40%, Alertness 40%, Athletics 50%, Computer Science 30%, Craft (Electrician 60%, Mechanic 50%), Disguise 50%, Drive 50%, First Aid 30%, HUMINT 50%, Navigate 60%, Persuade 70%, Search 60%
BONDS: Colonel Ron Scheherazade (Husband) 13
Donna Ramirez 13
Mallory “Mal” Bennion 13
MOTIVATIONS: Show off what you can do
Have a good time
Revenge on Delta Green sounds FUN
PARASITE RON: It takes a turn to shove this spiny little maggot up your nose. Once seated, it grants you the following skills: Demolitions 40%, Firearms 80%, Heavy Weapons 60%, Melee Weapons 60%, Military Science: Land 60%, and Unarmed Combat 80% for 2D6 rounds. It costs 1/1D6 SAN per use. Using the parasite again within an hour of use reduces effective time to 1D6 rounds and increases SAN cost to 1D6/2D6.
ONE ARM: Your right arm is missing. You either take a -20% penalty to actions requiring two hands, or can’t do them at all. Thankfully, you were left handed to begin with.

Your husband, Colonel Ron Scheherazade worked for an outfit known as NRO Delta. You were only a few feet away when your husband opened the mail bomb that killed him. Now you’ve got one arm, and a mouthful of gold teeth and wires. In spite of all that, you’ve still got it.

Your friends Donna and Mal recently invited you to help chase down the people who killed your husband. You have come to terms with Ron’s death, expect to join him soon, and find this excursion a welcome distraction from sitting at home with a bottle of scotch, hoping your feckless children would call.

You call the parasite “Ron” because when it crawls up your nose canal it makes you feel strong, invincible, like you’re with him, in him, part of him, and you can use his skills. Pity he was right-handed.

You believe Majestic-12 has moved most of its operations off-world to military installations on the moon and Mars, and that Delta Green probably all have alien parasites in their heads or up their asses.


Thanks to ICEPICK, you figured out ex-physician and ex-con Emmy LaBarbara was involved with the Delta Green organization that assassinated your husbands. Using your combined counterintelligence and tradecraft skills, you apprehended her. Under interrogation, she confessed to working with Delta Green as Agent SELLERS, in a cell with Agent STUART (who worked for the USPIS and had the last name Claybourne), and Agent SHALIMAR (who worked for the FBI).

You’re currently in an abandoned Baltimore warehouse. Arina just pulled up in her car. SELLERS just escaped and made a run for it. The last thing she said before getting loose was “I had to poison him. I’m so sorry. It was war.”

What do you do?


The police arrive 15 minutes after the start of the session, but they can be avoided. Fucking with them causes a faster and harder reaction from the Program. Making a scene while chasing SELLERS increases the likelihood that the cops take notice.

SELLERS tells a gas station clerk she was just mugged, and uses his phone to warn STUART. Then she runs off to hide in a safe house (The abandoned OBAMA MINI MART in the Old Town Mall), where she stays for the night. STUART contacts the Department of Operations and begins getting a Working Group together.

Working Group BEEKEEPER arrives to be debriefed by STUART at 9am the next day, two naive young Program recruits. They proceed to the safe house to pick up SELLERS and take her to a motel, where they debrief her, make some promises, and then abandon her.

STUART spends the day at USPIS HQ, arguing with his boss about an unscheduled overseas trip. After work he swings by a Green Box to pick up something for self defense (it’s dusty, there are still parts of the bomb making process scattered around) and access a secure server connection to SHALIMAR using the old system and his phone hotspot. SHALIMAR tells him to go fuck himself, he’s out of the game and no one is coming for him.

STUART calls BEEKEEPER to tell them he’s getting out of dodge and going to stay with a friend in the Appalachians.

SHALIMAR gets ready for a potential showdown with MAJESTIC malcontents or the Program. He’s armed for bear in a booby trapped cabin in the Appalachians. He pulls a gun on STUART when he arrives, tying him up and interrogating him.


SELLERS - Emmy LaBarbara

STR 9, CON 13, DEX 13, INT 12, POW 10, CHA 12
HP 11, WP 10, SAN 49, Addiction: Depressants (Alcohol and Painkillers), Adapted to Helplessness
SKILLS: Alertness 50%, Athletics 50%, Criminology 60%, Dodge 40%, Drive 50%, Firearms 40%, First Aid 50%, Forensics 50%, Law 40%, Medicine 60%, Melee Weapons 40%, Occult 30%, Persuade 70%, Pharmacy 50%, Stealth 50%, Surgery 50%, Unarmed Combat 50%

Once a bright-eyed young doctor caught up in Delta Green, now a disgraced ex-physician in her mid 40s, fresh off a prison sentence for selling opioid prescriptions. Also alcoholic addicted to painkillers, which help control her nightmares. She claims to have been abducted by the Greys in 1999. She’s the one who poisoned Doctor Bennion, and feels terrible about it.

STUART - USPIS Agent Wayne Claybourne

STR 10, CON 13, DEX 10, INT 14, POW 11, CHA 12
HP 12, WP 11, SAN 44, OCD (The sanctity of the Mail must be protected)
SKILLS: Accounting 60%, Alertness 50%, Bureaucracy 40%, Computer Science 50%, Criminology 50%, Demolitions 50%, Drive 50%, Firearms 50%, Forensics 50%, HUMINT 60%, Law 50%, Persuade 50%, Search 50%, SIGINT 50%, Unarmed Combat 60%
ARMOR: 3 points of soft Kevlar
ATTACKS: Colt King Cobra (50%, D12)
After breaking into Green Box - MAC 11 (50%, 10% lethality, uses junk rules)

The only member of S Cell who joined the Program. He has since enjoyed a largely logistical and trouble-spotting role in the new Delta Green. He has been out of the game for so long that he is terrified, and realizes that no one is going to help him. He is the one who sent the letter bomb that killed Colonel Sheherazade, and is terrified of being caught, even decades later.

SHALIMAR - FBI Agent With a Thousand Faces

STR 11, CON 11, DEX 12, INT 12, POW 13, CHA 10
HP 11, WP 13, SAN 40, Paranoia (How did they learn who I am?), Adapted to Violence
SKILLS: Alertness 50%, Bureaucracy 40%, Criminology 50%, Disguise 70%, Drive 50%, Firearms 50%, Forensics 50%, HUMINT 60%, Law 30%, Occult 30%, Persuade 70%, Search 50%, Stealth 70%, Unarmed Combat 60%, Unnatural 11%
ARMOR: 6 points of plate carrier and helmet, if alerted that trouble is incoming
ATTACKS: Glock 36 (50%, D10)
If alerted - Hungarian AK (50%, D12 or 10% lethality, 3 AP)

SHALIMAR was once Matt Gomez, a deep cover superstar for the FBI. He did good work for the Group, but was left out of the reorg, joining neither the Program nor the Outlaws. Left to his own devices, he retired to a cabin in the Appalachians under the cover identity Paul Jackson. He is the one who framed Frank. The documents proving so are stashed in a fake pipe under his cabin, which is surrounded by trip wires attached to early warning bells, as well as bear traps if SHALIMAR is expecting company


STR 12, CON 12, DEX 12, INT 12, POW 12, CHA 12
HP 12, WP 12, SAN 55
SKILLS: Alertness 50%, Bureaucracy 40%, Criminology 50%, Drive 50%, Firearms 50%, Forensics 30%, HUMINT 60%, Law 30%, Occult 50%, Persuade 50%, Search 50%, Unarmed Combat 60%
ARMOR: 3 points of soft Kevlar
ATTACKS: SIG P229 (50%, D10)
Backup gun in .380 (50%, D8)
In car trunk - Remington 870 (70%, 2D10) and AR pattern rifle (50%, D12, 3 AP)

BEEKEEPER is two young men who look like Mormon missionaries, but are actually FBI Agents and Program assets who happen to be Mormon: Tanner Larue and Ryker Rylie. They think they are looking for a criminal with some link to alien technology. They don’t know about the old Delta Green or MAJESTIC, since STUART didn’t give them the full picture. Tanner has a foul-smelling spray bottle which he insists on spraying everyone with to make sure they’re not protomatter, while Ryker under stress becomes paranoid about unclean spirits and sinner angels.


The ICEPICK flash drive pings a Migo crystal matrix AI in an abandoned basement somewhere, which parses the query, performs the search and returns the results.

If your players aren’t ready to play as a trio of superpowered MILFs, you can run this as a normal Delta Green adventure, inserting the Agents in place of BEEKEEPER


This was an entry to the 2019 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by David Tormsen and mellonbread.

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