Xiongzhuang 12 Baogao

'Majestic Seven Sapphire Radiance studies star vessel form, techniques until vessel destruction. With star people friendship, Sapphire Radiance builds not-matter power source, not-force flying craft. 51st Area, Nilis Air Power Stronghold, Nabhada State. Sapphire Radiance Lord Idvad Pin’ – Excerpt from early translation of Xiongzhuang-12 Baogao.

The text found by Huodezu agents on the body of the head monk with the surgically removed brain appeared to be a Sanskrit sutra written on a birch bark scroll about 70 centimetres long and extending up to 15 metres long when unfurled. Testing of the age of the scroll itself appears to indicate that it dates from the 2nd century AD, but further testing has led to inconsistent results of even identical samples. The text is in improbably good condition considering its apparent age, and indeed it is believed that much of the wear and tear that is evident is due to early mishandling by Huodezu operatives themselves. The text is written onto the scroll in dense Sanskrit sutra verse. In ancient Indian literature, a sutra denoted a distinct kind of composition based on short aphoristic statements making heavy use of various technical terms, which were designed to be concise and easily memorized. They tended to be used primarily for the study of scriptural or scientific texts.

The Baogao, which lacks any form of title in the original text, is similar to traditional sutras in its style of composition but its content is a comprehensive and detailed description of the structural configuration of Majestic-12, its assets, personnel and subordinate organizations. It is purely descriptive, and while it gives some indication of the role and purpose behind each division of MJ-12 it does not provide much historical context. Names of places and individuals are rendered either phonetically in Sanskrit or using a similar Sanskrit expression. Dates are given in the form of the Vedic Jyotisa Vedic calendar, making conversion initially difficult. Descriptions of function employ the use of short, aphoristic sentences that often require a significant degree of analysis.

It took a number of different translators to begin to get a sense of the meaning of the text. Most of the translators that were brought in were baffled by the nature of the contents, and they were often stymied by their own natural inclination to re-interpret what they were reading according to their assumptions of ancient Sanskrit literature. This yielded mixed results, until trial and error made it apparent that somehow the locations and names in the text were referring not to unfamiliar ancient Indian place names but cities, states and districts of the modern United States of America. Investigation into these geographical locations soon revealed that they were overwhelmingly dominated by US military and government assets.

The translation was re-initiated under new assumptions, based as they were on these inexplicable facts. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, Huodezu began to shift the translation team from Sanskrit scholars to cryptographers attached to Chinese intelligence. Eventually the dense text was converted into a thick binder of typed and heavily annotated Chinese text that became the current incarnation of the Xiongzhuang-12 Baogao, while the original document was placed into high-security storage. It was decided by Huodezu not to inform the Military Central Commission or COSTIND about the existence of the Baogao. Instead, the Baogao was used to run intelligence-gathering operations in the United States to confirm its accuracy, and that was the edge that allowed Huodezu to outwit LOOKING GLASS and secure convincing evidence of MJ-12's contact with extraterrestrials. The ultimate origin of the intelligence that led to these breakthroughs that finally convinced the military high command to expand Huodezu’s mandate has been kept an internal secret, and some of the translators involved were surreptitiously eliminated to maintain the deception.

A further mystery became apparent when one of the translators compared some of his previous notes with the original document, and discovered that somehow the information had been changed. An individual member listed as a member of ‘Sapphire Radiance’ had vanished from the original document. The identity of the individual was traced as a Majestic-12 researcher in Nevada who had died in an automobile accident the previous week. Huodezu soon realized that the Baogao was a living document that would update to reflect changes within Majestic in real time. The mystery deepened when a follow-up team was sent to the Zhongba county region of Tibet. At the same point in time when the agents entered the county, the script of the Baogao suddenly whitened and vanished. This seeming calamity was averted when the agents, turning up little of use, left Tibet and the text on the document reappeared. Due to the extreme usefulness of the Baogao, Huodezu cancelled further investigation of lights or other sightings in that part of southern Tibet. Every month, the translators begin work again from scratch to produce a Chinese language copy of the constantly updating Baogao. There have been suggestions to create an electronic version, but this has so far been denied due to the security risk.

Theories within Huodezu of the origins of the text have been mixed. Some believe that the document is indeed as old as it appears and represents a record of precognitive powers among ancient Buddhists of Northern India. Others are unconvinced, and find the discovery too convenient. They assert that the source of the document must be ultimately extraterrestrial. Either the Greys themselves or another alien group deliberately leaked the text to Huodezu for unknown reasons. The popular interpretation of this is that the Greys recognize the superior civilization of China despite their alliance of convenience with the United States that was forced due to the crash at Roswell. Regardless, further investigation into reports of strange lights in remote Tibet had managed to discover that the sanctum where the Huodezu agents had been held appeared to have been completely destroyed by some kind of immense heat. From that point, Huodezu decided to suppress evidence of mysterious lights or strange phenomena in Tibet, seeing it as perhaps their part of the bargain for the information received.

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