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YellowSign markets itself as "the gatekeeper service for your needs" At the most basic of levels YellowSign is a standard search facility, much like Yahoo or AltaVista. Put in your search criteria and out pop several thousand web-pages.

Whilst this services is nothing new, however YellowSign offers a vibrant new service which many web-surfers are finding highly useful - a personalized search engine which is uncannily accurate in finding the right web-page for you.

The personalized service costs $4.95 to join. Users are expected to log on to a chat-room for half an hour and talk about their likes and dislikes, their daily life, family, or anything else that takes their interest. YellowSigns algorithms then analyze this data, so that when the user enters their parameters into the search engine it comes back with results more befitting to their personalities.

Many users of the YellowSign search engine have discovered that the longer they stay in the YellowSign chat rooms, the more accurate the search engine becomes. "It's like… YellowSign becomes my friend and knows exactly what I want" states Henry Gaines, one of YellowSign's many fans.

YellowSign puts its huge success down to word of mouth. Indeed YellowSign has a deal for its most constant users whereby they are paid five dollars a week for adding a "Yellow Sign" to their signatures. This JPEG is a small file which depicts the companies logo - a yellow squiggle.

But where does the name YellowSign come from? YellowSigns CEO, who cannot be named for legal reasons, explained that the name comes from traffic lights. "A lot of search engines come back with dross, alongside the page you want to look at. We call them red signs - they stop you looking when your surfing the net. We want to be the Yellow Sign - when you use our service we want to say 'Get ready to go'"

"Whilst the org at the end of our name stands for organization, we kind of like to think of it as 'organism' because that's what YellowSign is really. It's an organism because the more you put into it the more active it becomes."

Indeed parallels between YellowSigns service and a living organism have been noted in several sectors. "This is one of the largest steps forward the computer industry has ever seen," explained the Professor Watkins, head of Computer Science at Exeter University. "This is nothing short of genius, a program which can consistently pass the Turing test. If I didn't know better I'd say it was alive."

The military too have also taken note of YellowSigns algorithms. A statement was recently released which read "Any program which can think like a human but work at the computational speed of a computer has got to be a serious consideration for the modern battlefield"

Addenda: Since writing this e-mail I have learned that Professor Watkins died of a stroke. He was an expert in his field and I am sure that he will be missed by many people.

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