Yummy Yummy In My Tummy

Handler’s Notes:

This game takes place in Freudnenstadt, Germany and thus is under the direction of the German Federal Intelligence Service, Directive K, the secretive directive to deal with paranormal and mythos situations. The character creation is essentially the same, as the scenario still takes place in 2018. See bottom of scenario for full on description and history.


Several children have gone missing in a small town of Freudenstadt, Germany, and the circumstances that tipped off Directive K is the discovery that the locals think it has been attributed to witches.


Determine what has happened to the children, rescue them, and destroy any evidence of unnatural.

The Truth

The children were taken by a coven of witches, who worship Shub-Niggurath and have enslaved the children with Mother’s Milk. However, it backfired and the children soon ate the witches themselves and have formed a cult around the bountiful Mother’s Milk. They have transformed into gluttonous masses of flesh thanks to their appetite for the milk and unsuspecting wanderers to the area. Their cottage has the allure of candy, but is in fact, slathered in Mother’s Milk in which the children encourage an adult to lick and eat, then they ritualistically slaughter and eat the poor person.

Tracking the Kids

There are several ways to track the children, they do not take care of crime scenes or knowing how to pace out their crimes, so they will be easy to pinpoint by reading into local news or talking to the local wildlife police about an increase in the number of animal attacks in an area. A Survival test is important here as getting lost in the deep Black Forest is very easy and dangerous.

Arriving at the Cottage

The cottage to anyone who succeeds a Willpower check, will look like a two story German 16th century house, complete with a beautiful chimney billowing smoke and a wonderful smell of baking inside. To anyone who fails, it looks like a beautiful house made of candy that they absolutely must devour at any costs. The Handler may opt to make a few requests of the agents to make POW tests, but don’t overload them. A successful Unnatural skill can also detect them.

Mother’s Milk of the Black Goat - This milky liquid contains mutagenic properties, every mouthful or few licks, subtracts 1d6 from a random stat. Addiction comes with a dangerous price of the reconstitution of your body for the Black Goat’s purposes.

Inside the House

After the agents arrive inside the house, they’ll find a hoarder’s dream. Trash lines the floors up to ankle length and included in the refuse is miscellaneous bones, teeth and fingernails. There’s only a few rooms in here, and none of the children are here, but they did leave traps that only a kid could derive, such as a paint can swinging from the top of the ceiling, tacks on the floor, and slippery spots.

The Basement

Entering into the basement, is where the horror truly begins, and the last child-like trap for the Agents in the form of nails on the boards leading down. It is an old basement, covered in dust, but the air is thick with the smell of Mother’s Milk, but also rotting flesh, body odor and a stench that the Agents can only place as a weird cross between ammonia and sulfur. As the Agents explore the basement, they will find what happened to the children. Massive, corpulent, rotting masses of flesh that seem to coalesce into what was once human. They can not move fast, but can grab an Agent and absorb them into their mass. Destroying the children grants 1d4 SAN loss, as they are destroying unnatural, but also killing a child.

Corpulent Sloth Children - STR 18 CON 25 DEX 5 INT 15 POW 20 HP 15 WP 20 -
Armor 3 - Attacks: Slam - 1d8,

LASH AND ABSORB: The sloth child makes a STR attempt to restrain the victim, and every round the victim has a opposed STR to escape, in 6 rounds, the victim is absorbed and the Sloth gains it’s primary statistics in an addition to its own as well as restores its own HP from the victim’s remaining HP.  
BLOOD SCENT: The flesh beasts can smell and track even a tiny amount of blood. Treat this as a tracking skill at 80%.
MASS OF FLESH: The flesh beasts move incredibly slow, but hit incredibly hard, their Slam attacks have a 10% Lethality.
WITCH SPELLS: The children may have a few choice spells, such as Fascinate, to lure targets in, from absorbing the witches.

If they choose to explore the basement there is no trace of the witches except a large stack of human bones in the basement and what seems to be a tome labeled “Hexedaemon”. There are collections of bones in the corners and a rudimentary kitchen. Within the confines of the basement as well there are the clothing and belongings of all those who were devoured here.

Solutions to the Children

There is very few true solutions, unfortunately they have been corrupted and transformed by the Mother’s Milk and their worship of “The Great Mother”, thus requiring to be destroyed.

Federal Intelligence Service - Directive K - Bundesnachrichtendienst - Directive K was once originally remnants of the Karotechia given a plea bargain to aid Allied forces after the war hunt down renegade mythos and unnatural elements let loose by the Nazis and the Karotechia themselves. Ernst Theissen, a translator for the Karotechia, an agent who deliberately sabotaged pronunciations, was an early defector to Directive K. Directive K was originally apart of the first intelligence service of Germany, the Gehlen Org. During its service in Gehlen Org, it was still called Directive K, and it’s official capacity was hunting down renegade Nazis. When the BND was founded in 1956, Directive K was rolled into it, and it has no “official” role and is effectively a secret organization. Directive K has far less resources than Delta Green can muster due to the lack of a “black budget” in Germany, and agents are forced to make due with what they have. They are broken into “Sections” each assigned to a section of “4 states” of Germany, and each Section only totals anywhere between 3-5 officers, with at its maximum staffing, being about 20 agents total. Backlogs of Directive K reach months and months, as sometimes agents goosechase around Germany. Adding to their already taxing workload, they are responsible for monitoring any renegade religions that enter Germany due to their open door policy, and deem them a threat to the government if necessary.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by InterstellarOwl.

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